Our New Series "Music for the Highland Bagpipe" 
Prayers for Pipers I $30.00
Hymns dedicated to our love of Jesus transposed for bagpipes.
Prayers for Pipers II $30.00
More hymns of inspiration for pipers, a hymnbook of carefully chosen and transposed hymns.
Music for the Highland Bagpipe Volume 1
Music for the Highland Bagpipe Volume 2
Music for the Highland
Bagpipe Volume 3
Valued Bits & Pieces $30.00
A variety of beautiful familiar hymns, anthems, marches and more. Several harmonies are here including Amazing Grace with high and low harmonies,
Highland Cathedral, and Pipe Major J.K. Cairns & others
Aspiring Hymns $30.00
New Release by Dr Keith
MacDonald.Volume 16 of the popular Church Piper Series.
Hymns transposed for the Great Highland Bagpipe.
Soul - Stirring Hymns $30.00
The music of Albert E. Brumley
transposed for bagpipes
Not Just Books of Hymns, These Volumes Contain Articles on Faith, Communing with God, on Living and Suggestions for a Better Life.
Click on the Button Above Each Cover to Download the Tune List and Associated Articles.
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Music for the
Highland Bagpipe Series